Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another grit urges merger

I like the idea of a merger of the dippers and the grits. It would mean blue grits and even some populist western dippers would join forces with the Tories. It would mean a clear choice between left and right. At this point the grits would have tp approach the dippers on their knees. That should finally humble the natural governing party.

It is with a heavy heart that I have come to the conclusion that the Liberal and New Democratic Parties should merge and become one entity known as the Liberal Democratic Party of Canada. I am convinced that it would be in the best long-term interests of both parties but, far more important, it would be in the best interests of Canada. Canadians deserve a clear choice when they next vote.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper won a majority on May 2 with only 40 per cent of the votes cast. He has the right to show what he can do. It is possible that he might govern well enough to earn a second majority. But what if he implements unpopular socially conservative policies? And, what if he allows the Americanization of Canada with its ultimate goal of a North American Union? In that case, after nine years of Conservative rule, Canadians might be desperate for change.


LorneR said...

Didn't Hellyer propose this 11 years ago and the NDP told him to take a hike?

He and Joe Clark should get together and form the Cranky Old Irrelevant Geezers Party. Heck I might even join a party with a catchy name like that.

fernstalbert said...

Hellyer burned his credentials years ago with his "goofy" opinions - somehow I don't think Liberals will take his advice - even though this might be his only lucid thought in decades. Cheers.

dmorris said...

How bloody arrogant of the former Defence Minister,the man who screwed the Canadian Forces,to want a merger with the "LIBERAL" name front and center!

The NDP are in the driver's seat,the liberals will have to live with a position at the back of the bus,for a long time to come.

I suggest a merger,too,with the name "New Democratic Party of Canada",anything else only gives continued credibility to a Liberal Party that has lost it's reason for existence.

As noted above,this is the most coherent idea Hellyer's had in forty years,a brief moment of lucidity in a ruined mind.

Rich said... would be premeditated, cold-blooded merger.

been around the block said...

'Funny Hellyer only suggests a merger when the LPC's now in the basement: "Hey, guys, give us a hand/leg up."

When the LPC was in the driver's seat, I don't recall them offering any help to the NDP. 'Just as well. But, when the shoe was on the other foot ... the LPC was always ready to receive the perqs and the applause alone.

I imagine the NDP might be feeling the same way now.

Thucydides said...

By all means go for a merger. Take the Greens as well. The policies of the NDP, BQ, LPC and Green party differ only be matters of degree anyway (or who gets the distributed wealth, in the case of the BQ), so there are few structural or ideological reasons to prevent a merger (unless the NDP does not want to inherit the debts and baggage of the old parties!)

Anonymous said...

"It would mean blue grits and even some populist western dippers would join forces with the Tories."

Only in terms of house votes! KEEP THEM OUT OF THE PARTY!

They will dilute and sabotage the CPC. So don't let them in.

Anonymous said...

Thucydides Comment is precisely right.

I Support Lord Black