Sunday, May 15, 2011

ADQ Convention

Party Leader Gerard Deltell

Part of the ADQ team

Party President Christian Levesque

I attended the ADQ convention in Trois Rivieres yesterday. I support the ADQ at the provincial level. Most od the media speculation about the event had to do with a merger with ex pequiste Francois Legault. This was denied. we didn't discuss it all.
I was very disappointed that Billionaires Stephen Jarislowsky didn't come to the convention over a stupid controversy.

Here are the proposals for policy. I found the proposals a bit timid and found some that wre voted down or sent into limbo show the party members to be somewhat timid. They ran from the privatization on a portion of Hydro Quebec. On the other hand the ADQ many resolutions resolutions were passed that would help make unions more transparent, encourage more economic freedom, make revenue Quebec less autocratic and try to balance the budget.
 The proposals were printed in English as well and translation was availble. All Quebecers were welcome at the convention.  The ADQ is the only real choice for Quebecers in the next provincial election!
More here. Also note the ADQ is back at 18% in polls.

Watch this morning's events:

More from my friend Frederic Tetu.

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