Thursday, April 21, 2011

Watch out grits, Saulie is giving you a run for your money

Saulie and his grand daughter

 Saulie Zajdel has been a Montreal city councillor for 23 years. He knows the community and the community knows him. He has a lot of experience in government as a memeber of the executive committe of Montreal. He was in charge of Economic and Urban development in Montreal. He was on the Public Safety Commission. He was on the board of the Montreal Development Corporation. He had many other portfolios in the municipal administration of Montreal. He knows about economics, job creation and a multitude of other issues. Irwin Cotler is being seriously challenged for this "safe" grit seat. I think Saulie actually has a good chance. The NDP surge is also not good news for grits in Quebec. Saulie will be an excellent MP!

Even Mr. Cotler’s wife, Ariela, expressed her outrage at comments made by Michael Ignatieff during the 2006 Liberal leadership race, when he said Israel’s actions in the war against Hezbollah constituted “war crimes.” Though she didn’t leave the Liberal party, she demanded Mr. Ignatieff apologize publicly for the comments.

Mr. Zajdel believes that two-thirds of Jewish voters have become disenchanted with the Liberals and will vote for him on May 2. “If I get 70% of the Jewish vote, I win. I’ve got to make up 10,000 votes and it would be a small miracle. But it’s possible,” he says.

An additional incentive to vote Tory would be a likely seat at the Cabinet table for any Conservative elected in Montreal.


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My analysis --- Anatomy of a Coup:

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Are you really trying to mislead people regarding a man's wife to oppose his eleciton? Give your head a shake:

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