Friday, April 08, 2011

Unemployment rate in Canada 7.7%

More overall good news for Canada and bad news for the grits and their leftist and separatist coalition partners. There are more full time jobs and the Canadian economy has generated 305000 jobs in the last 12 months!. We need to re elect the Tories!

Canadian Unemployment Rate Down To 7.7% Despite Modest Job Losses
Posted on April 8, 2011 by FXOpen
The Canadian economy lost 1,500 jobs in March, falling far short of expectations even as the national unemployment rate edged down to 7.7 percent, Statistics Canada reported Friday.

While the overall jobs loss may have come as a surprise, the agency noted that full-time work rose by 91,000 in March. This was offset by a decline of nearly 92,000 in part-time jobs.

Economists expected Canadian employers to create 28,000 positions in March, after a rise of more than 15,000 in February.

"However, the headline number masks a strong underlying improvement," noted analyst Rob Carnell at ING. "The greater full time employment and strength of the private sector suggests that the economy continued to pick up speed through the fist quarter of 2011."

The unemployment rate edged down 0.1 percentage points to 7.7 percent. Over the past 12 months, employment has risen by 1.8 percent, as the relatively robust Canadian economy generate 305,000 jobs.


been around the block said...

"Unemployment rate in Canada down to 7.7%"

Very interesting.

This morning, listening to JazzFM here in Toronto on my way to work, the newscaster said that the employment rate was up to 7.7%. I distinctly remember this, because I thought, of course, even though the world's in a recession and Canada's done very well, any little piece of bad news will be trumpeted, ad nauseum, by the left-lib, pro-Liberal media whores.

JazzFM is fund raising, and although I love listening to jazz, I don't like this station's politics -- and wrote them to tell them so when they were mean-mouthing Rob Ford.

I think I'll keep listening, but they won't get any financial support from me.

Our media in Canada are appalling, disgusting scumbags.

Anonymous said...

Want to take a chunk out of that unemployment rate?Come up with a high speed rail transit plan.Look the the East to the island of Japan.They have the expertise in this field.
Id be willing to cut the F-35 we want in half so the Conservatives can get this ball started.So purchase 20 f35's (we still need an air force Iggy) and purchase a prototype shinkansen from Japan.See if we can also get some engineers to guide us also.
It will cut back our carbon footprint over the long term,private companies can compete for the contruction and expansion of such a network, and it will mean less damage to the environment.
Think about it.I would love to get to Vancouver within a day on a train.Or live in Montreal and work in toronto.Transit time by rail now is 4 hours on that route.
I wouldnt mind paying more taxes just to see these high speed trains become a reality.Its better than more roads for cars since we arent even maintaining the roads we have now.


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