Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tory Rally in TMR for Saulie Zajdel

Saulie and his Granddaughter

Mathew Conway Neil Drabkin  Rudy Husny

Rudy Husny and his Sister/ Campaign manager  Mary Nour and Maxime

Senators Nolin and Housakos

 I attended a campaign rally for Saulie Zajdel in TMR. There was a boisterous crowd of over 200 people( irwin cotler had his event a week earlier , in the same room, with one hundred less people).
 CPC candidate Rodolphe Husny was in the room , as was NDG Lachine Candidate Matthew Conway, Westmount Ville Marie Candidate Neil Drabkin, Jimmy Yu in Lasalle Ville Emard and  St Laurent Cartierville Candidate Svetlana Litvin.
Maxime Bernier came from the Beauce to introduce Saulie. It was great to see Senator Nolin looking hale and hearty. It's always nice to see talk to Senator Housakos.
Saulie gave an impassioned speech about his 23 years in municipal politics, about his love of and knowledge of the community and his pride in Stephen Harper and the Tories. He also spoke of Tory respect and support for Israel. The crowd was very enthusiastic and very diverse. A great event. I urge all of you to donate volunteer and vote for Saulie, Rudy, Matthew, Jimmy and Svetlana!


Anonymous said...

Cotler had 300 people at his rally according to both ctv and Montreal gazette. Nice try.

Roy Eappen said...

I spoke to people who attended cotler's rally. That was certainly not the case.

Ari said...

cotler may be a renowned mp
but just take a look at ignatieff

Anonymous said...

Dr Roy,
In all seriousness, Cotler packed the room a week prior (Saulie followed???) and all indication were that despite trucking in candidates and their folks from across the region, Cotler had the better more genuine grassroots LOCAL event.
The night of the Zajdel (read: pan Montreal COnservative rally), Cotler had former PM Martin and some 70 LOCAL community leaders for a rally and roundtable at his campaign office.
While the Conservatives poured everything they had at Mount Royal, including the PM himself (who said nothing about his local candidate) the people chose the better candidate.
Congratulations on the national victory!

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