Friday, April 01, 2011

Toronto Newspaper circulation numbers

The National Post is up 6.9% and the Toronto Sun is up 33%. The red star is down 3.2% and the globe is down 9.7%. That's in lefty Toronto. This is probably good news for SunTV News. Perhaps if the star fired mallick, their numbers might stop plummeting a bit

It’s hard to be humble when we’ve got readers like you!

Toronto Sun readership numbers grew a staggering 33% last year in the

Greater Toronto Area, NADbank (Newspaper Audience Databank) figures show.

The Sun is Toronto’s fastest-growing paid daily newspaper, while the competition is headed in the other direction, the NADbank survey showed.

“We’re thrilled with our results,” publisher Mike Power said.

“We’ve dramatically expanded our news and sports content, improved the look and design of the paper and it’s clearly paid off,” he said.

“We said we were going to bring the edge back to the Sun, to be the voice of the little guy and we’ve done that,” Power said.

Year over year data for 2010 showed the Sun continues to gain ground despite intense competition from digital media and one of North America’s most competitive newspapers markets.

The Sun’s 33% boost in GTA readership contrasts with a 3.2% drop for the Toronto Star and a 9.7% plunge for the Globe & Mail.


Jen said...

The only people to blame are the ones running the 'red star' and G/M.

Craig Smith said...

Similar results were reported here in Calgary between the Herald and the Sun. Though the bias contrast between the two is a bit less here since the Herald is part of the National Post group of papers.

Anonymous said...

This is good news. I am especially pleased to see improved numbers for the post. I usually get both the Post and the Globe on weekends -- I think the news content in the Post is far superior. They also have much better columnists.

Anonymous said...

So which one bites the dust first? The star or the globe? (real conservative)

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