Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tasha on the French debate

I found the French debate truly provincial and often petty. They couldn't find one person younger than 60 to ask a question? What about the 1 million Francophones that live outside Quebec? Next time both debates should be bilingual!
Tasha hits the nail on the head. Vote Tory let's get rid of the bloc and get Quebec truly re engaged with Confederation.

Like a pebble in your shoe, the Bloc represents a constant irritant to English Canada, as well as a constant background noise in Quebec, subliminally brainwashing it with the message that it is being screwed by the rest of the country. Gilles Duceppe’s arguments last night can be summed up in two sentences: Quebec wants to be its own country. Until then, please send money.

Money for forestry companies. For R and D. For HST harmonization. For the Champlain bridge. Even the journalists moderating the debate brought up the issue of the Champlain Bridge. In a national leaders’ debate, the issue of this one bridge took up more space than the environment, international trade, or other matters of true national importance.

Yet the paradox of an aspiring nation making such overtly provincial demands seemed lost on most observers, and sadly, voters, in la belle province. In the end, it was Duceppe’s night, as the French debates always are, by virtue not only of language but also of understanding of the dynamics of Quebec politics.


ebt said...

There aren't a million Francophones outside Quebec. Three-quarters of a million, absolute max, and more than half of them could have breakfast at home and drive to Quebec for lunch. Since more than 90% of French-speaking voters live in Quebec, Quebec is pretty clearly going to be the subject of any discussion in French.

Anonymous said...

Discussing the bridge was so hick. There were all the leaders, with their big lofty ideas, and they stood around talking about a stupid bridge. Maybe next election they can debate the quality of the food in the House of Commons cafeteria, or the type of toilet paper they should be using in the restrooms.

dougf said...

I gained all the appreciation I need about the state of Quebec politics (life?) when I happened to catch the question from that middle-aged loon who asked how much of the Evil Republican agenda was going to be imported into this country. I'm not sure which 'country' she was referring to but ---- I turned off my TV at that point as it could only go downhill from there. And it was already well into tin-foil hat territory right from the jump.

wilson said...

This video of Wednesday night French debate has gone viral

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