Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rudy Husny CPC Candidate in Outremont Week 4

Rudy continues his battles in Outremont.
He attended a debate for the candidates yesterday. the bloc candidate didn't show up. it was a lively 2.5 hour debate. Many questions were asked to Rydy, as the representative of the government. The room seemed stacked with grit supporters. Some of the questions were not very good. One oman tried to blame the Tories for entering Afghanistan. Rudy reminded him of the time line and that it was the grits that first sent troops to Afghanistan. mulcair , cauchon and the green oarty candidat M.Pilon all had laundry lists of spending and more taxes. Rudy concentrated on the economy. I will post video when it becomes available.
 Rudy continues to do many radio interviews and debates on CJAd and CBC to name just a few.
Please continue to vote, donate and volunteer for Rudy.

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