Sunday, April 17, 2011

RLQ in Montreal

Guy Bolduc

Jean Allaire and Danielle Smith

The Quebec Freedom Network had an event in Montreal! I have to say that I am really tired. I helped organize this event with my friends Joanne Marcotte, Eric Duhaime, Ian Senechal, Guy Bolduc , Pedro Rodrigues and a lot of other dedicated volunteers. Over 450 people showed up for the event!
The lefties and unions had threatened huge demonstrations. They call us the radical right. They say we are dangerous. I guess liberty is a scary concept for lefties. They actually don't want us to even talk about our ideas. For all the talk, less than 60 people showed up to protest( I wonder if they were paid?) to protest.
Our keynote speaker was leader of the Wildrose Alliance,  Daniele Smith. She gave an amazing speech. Read it here. She spoke about the links between Quebec and albert, about ethical oil and of course equalization payments.
We had many other excellent speakers like Michel Kelly Gagnon and Nathalie El-Grably. I will post all the speeches when they become available.
 The day ended with Eric Duhaime talking about the union monopolies in Quebec.
 We had lots of interesting Kiosks like the Fraser Institute, The National Post, the National Citizens Coalition, the Free Thinking Film Society andAdam Daifallah and Paul  Beaudry ( below)who sold

freedom bumper stickers. We had a lot of media at the event and have had a fair bit of coverage.
 It was overall a huge success. We have shown that there is an appetite for these ideas in the heart of leftist Montreal. Hopefully we and our friends will help grow this movement in Quebec. Ultimately we want to influence political parties to embrace these ideas more fully!


Matt said...

Looks like you had a great event. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I heard on CJAD 800 radio today that the Sun network will be a "right-wing" network. I'm sure they don't call the CBC a "left-wing" network.

I can only imagine the coverage, if any, of your event.

MLabreche said...

There was coverage but it was pretty biased (letting the protesters tell was the QFN was, taking a picture of Michel-Kelly Gagnon from a really bad angle that makes him look like a pitbull, saying that the QFN is against unions, etc.). The only good coverage was the interview with Eric Duhaime, that's pretty much it.

been around the block said...

Bien fait, Dr. Roy et tous!

The "Rise Up" Nation actually seems to be in our corner!

Put up your feet and have a glass of wine, some dark rum, or something with "Glen..." in it!! You deserve it. ;-)

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