Saturday, April 02, 2011

Rex on the Tories and Newfoundland and Labrador

As I said in my last post , the Tories are doing well in the East. Rex has a good piece on his native Newfoundland and Labrador. charest is mad that Newfoundland may make some money. duceppe silly comments about this, show why all Canadians should hope for the defeat of the bloc and should never vote for iffy or jack , duceppe's coalition partners. I am glad that the Tories will help Newfoundland develope the Upper Churchill.

There can be no real surprise that when Stephen Harper visited Newfoundland this week he came to announce, in the form of loan guarantees, some support for the ever-so-long-anticipated hydroelectric development of the Lower Churchill.

The Lower Churchill and its three-gigawatt energy potential — for those who might not instantly recognize the reference — have been part of every political campaign in Newfoundland, and every Premier’s pledge on entering office, for at least three decades. And for good reason. Not the least of now-retired Danny Williams’ political triumphs was his dogged efforts to bring the Lower Churchill within a glimpse of actual development. He did what none of his predecessors could.

There may have been, however, some small surprise that Stephen Harper was so well-received in St. John’s. Sitting smiling close by while the PM spoke was none other than the successor to Anything-but-Steve Danny Williams, the new Premier, Cathy Dunderdale. What a change from Williams’ time, when for this Prime Minister a visit to Newfoundland probably evoked the joys of root canal, and he was less popular than the latest Greenpeace acrobat mewling on about the seal hunt.

It’s safe again to be a federal Conservative in Newfoundland. Even the local Liberals admit that the Tories there are fielding the strongest slate of candidates to be seen for over a decade.

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