Sunday, April 17, 2011

Return of the libranos

Iffy and the libranos are growing more desperate daily. They have brought back pseudo chretien and dithers to help remind people of the sponsorship scandal. Perhaps iffy thinks if the libranos promise to return the 40 million missing from adscam, the Canadian people will forgive the grits. Ap[parently iffy wants the politically dead to rise up? Or is he trying to get the dead to rise from cemeteries to vote grit?


maryT said...

I like the way he says Canadians said, so what, to all the faux scandals the libs and media threw at the PM over the past 2 yrs.
We predicted them and we know a few more will come out in the last week. Has Layton sensed that a majority for PMSH is a very possibility and he is now in the running for opposition leader not PM.
However, we thank him for bringing out JC and Martin to remind us of all the scandals that were real scandals and theft of our money.
I wonder if the backroom boys haven't done this to really cause him to lose so they can get rid of him.

been around the block said...


Bringing back the Shawinigan Strangler and Mr. Dithers is like bringing two spent runners to a relay.

I guess there are some blind, deaf, and DUMB Canadians who think that anything the Librano$ do is brilliant, wonderful, progressive, and good for Canadians.C scandal, Shawinigate, Ads

I suspect that there are more Canadians who see the HRDC scandal, Shawinigate, AdScam, Martin's Canadian Steamship Lines flying foreign flags to avoid paying Canadian taxes, Mo Strong and KYOTO, cap and trade, carbon taxes, and Power Corporation, the Sidewinder Report, etc.

I'm not sure Chretien and Martin are going to inject the Librano campaign with the kind of juice they're looking for.

'Good point, MaryT. I'm sure the Librano$ want to rid themselves of Iggy, and an election in which he loses is the only "hnourable" way. Bob Rae, whose brother John is an executive at Power Corporation, is waiting stage-left, to take his "rightful" (wrongful?) place as Librano leader. He's got all the moves down-pat.

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