Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Quebeckers need to vote Tory!

 The spectacle of the pq convention was enough to give most people in Quebec ulcers. I have lived in this province for 47 years! I have many French Canadian friends. I even have friends who support Quebec separation. I doubt a single one of them would be proud of the measures passed by the PQ. The pq is a leftist, statist party , that would unleash more language police on Mom and Pop restaurants and small corner stores. They want to deny adults the right to choose where they go to school and of course barely defeated a move to remove all English on signs. They are the ideological brothers and partners of the bq.
There anglophobia shines through yet again. The incompetence of the charest grits almost guarantees a pq government. We must not have the bloc in a position where it could help its quebec wing. It is time for Quebec allophones and anglophones to have a seat at the Federal cabinet Table. It's time to vote Tory and no to the grit dipper bloc coalition. A Tory majority government would also rid us of electoral welfare and the bloc would lose most of its funding.

There's small comfort to be taken from the backtracking that delegates to the Parti Québécois convention did on a motion to have a PQ government revert to obligatory French-only commercial signs.

They did so in a second vote on the issue after the party leadership persuaded them that such a resolution would be strategically counterproductive to the PQ's fortunes in the next election campaign. This was only hours after an initial vote went the other way - a vote in which a majority of the most active people in the party let us know what they really think.

Even with that reversal on signs there were other motions, which passed handily, signalling that an urgent priority of a PQ government would be a spate of language measures intended to curb current English-language rights - even in areas where there is no demonstrable need for such repressive action other than to pander to the anglophobia of Péquiste hardliners. This is particularly the case with the newly enshrined PQ policy of extending Bill 101 restrictions to CEGEPs, a measure disputed even by the provincial French-language watchdog commission as unnecessary and inadvisable.

In a further crackdown, the PQ now proposes to extend French-certification requirements to small businesses with fewer than 50 employees, meaning that language inspectors would be loosed on small restaurants and mom-and-pop depanneurs to ensure they are not contributing to the endangerment of French in the province. The ranks of the language coppers would be further bolstered by the addition of new cadres required to investigate municipalities and hospitals with bilingual status in a drive to determine if such standing might be withdrawn.


Anonymous said...

It may seem like a cruel statement, yet, the Cons are the only alternative to all this. The opposition parties have succeesded in fear mongering. The other problem is, that most of Canada see Quebec as a welfare state into which 80% of transfer payments go to support this type of government.

Quebec will NOT be missed if they separate from Canada according to some. The Cons want a strong Canada WITH Quebec .... yet the impression is that Quebec does not anything but money from the rest of Canada. No wonder they are known as the "Black-mail Patry."

I really love visiting Quebec, though I only speak english, and these laws will make it harder for Americans [and Canadians] to visit.

Sad, very sad.

L said...

Sadly, I think our new franco- and allo-phone Canadians (many from countries who never had a vote) in Quebec may not understand what is truly in their best interests. They are voting for the BLOC, but I am not sure that they understand that Duceppe wants OUT of Canada!!!

I Support Lord Black