Saturday, April 23, 2011

Quebec and the Tories

From all I hear, our Quebec City seats are safe. Our friend Andre Arthur is doing well. Maxime will win big and we should have some more seats in Montreal like Agop Evereklkian , Saulie Zajdel( and hopefully many others) and other places in Quebec. The grits are in very big trouble in Quebec. There stranglehold on Anglophone and Allophone votes is slipping away.

Since providing the Conservatives with the bulk of their 2006 breakthrough in the province, voters in the provincial capital region have remained a breed apart, immune if not hostile to the Bloc’s left-leaning politics.

And despite speculation that the Tories could be punished for their refusal to subsidize a new hockey arena in Quebec City, they appear in little danger here as the May 2 vote approaches.

When Parliament was dissolved, the Conservatives held eight suburban and rural ridings in the region, including a stranglehold on the section of the province stretching south to the U.S. border.

We need a Tory majority and so do the grits. If the grits are to survive they need to face their time in the wilderness and rebuild.


Archie said...

The seats in Northern Quebec will be the most interesting. The Conservatives were second in most of these ridings and with the rise of the NDP they could easlly win these seats.

Miles Lunn said...

I agree that the NDP surge will probably help the Conservatives in Quebec City albeit nothing is a guarantee and I still could see them losing some. The one to watch now is Pontiac as the NDP surge if applied evenly would show that one going NDP. The only good thing for Lawrence Cannon is his riding is 40% Anglophone and the Anglophone vote tends to move more in sink with how Ontario moves rather than Quebec. I still don't see the Liberals losing the West Island ridings as the NDP surge in Montreal is more likely on the East End which is working class. The West Island is pretty affluent and the NDP never do well amongst the affluent.

wilson said...

Perhaps Quebecers will vote trying to cover 2 bases in the event of"
a Harper majority, vote CPC
a Dipper coalition, vote NDP

I Support Lord Black