Sunday, April 03, 2011

Quebec and Alberta

An interesting poll in Quebec shows that most Quebecers like and respect Alberta. I am not surprised. It is mostly Quebec politicians and grits that demonize Alberta and the Oil sands. Most Canadian's realize that the oil sands are a vast supply of oil , that are an amazing asset. iffy and the grits continue to demonize the oil sands , which is why he will not be winning much west of Ontario. the grits are increasingly the Toronto party.

Quebec and Alberta: common ground

A recent poll on Quebecers' attitudes toward Alberta comes as a pleasant surprise

Far from disdaining Alberta as the heartland of redneck
Canada, a strong majority expressed a favourable view of the province in general, and in particular of its economic engine, the oilsands development that is persistently demonized by Quebec politicians of various stripes.

Granted, the survey was commissioned by the conservative-minded Montreal Economic Institute, which is on a mission to foster better relations between the provinces, but it was conducted by the professionally esteemed L├ęger Marketing polling firm. It found that 61 per cent of Quebecers have a positive image of Alberta - a margin that would carry a referendum under the Clarity Act - and that more than two-thirds, 68 per cent, are of the opinion that Quebec should work to develop closer political and economic ties with Alberta. This bodes well for national unity and reflects the decline of sovereignist fervour in recent years.


Jeff said...

This is very good news to counter the annoyance factor coming from Jean Charest and Gilles Duceppe. Are they going to demonize Newfoundland now that the rock wants to develop the Lower Churchill?

Anonymous said...

Did they ask any Albertans what they think of Quebec?

Or does that not matter?

Anonymous said...

Q.. If the majority of quebecers are so fond of Alberta why do they keep putting the BQ in Ottawa?

A.. Because the BQ keep getting quebec the free ride that they have become accustomed to, at the expense of the ROC.

Shut of the equalization payments and watch the love affair fade into nothing.

Rob C

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