Saturday, April 02, 2011

Out of touch iffy

Out of touch with Canadians

Things are looking very good in the Atlantic provinces. Great candidates across the region. I expect at least 6-7 more seats for the Tories. This editorial and cartoon  shows why. The grits are out of ideas. They don't respect provincial jurisdiction and they are basically out of touch with Canadians.

The Liberal Party has been touting a national child care program for at least 20 years in one form or another and have yet to find approval from either Canadian voters or the provincial governments, which ought to tell them something.

Instead, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is trying again in this federal election, which only illustrates and highlights how out of touch he is with voters and provincial realities.

The details remain vague and the promise is to give half a billion dollars to provinces in year one, rising to $1 billion by year four, but that's just the beginning. Independent experts have consistently estimated that a national day care program will cost between $10 and $14 billion annually.

Whatever the exact numbers, they are huge and would represent massive new spending when virtually every province - even the rich ones - are trying to retrench, curb spending and find money just to keep existing programs (especially health care) properly funded. And that's within the context of voters - who are the same taxpayers with but one pocket whether the money goes to Ottawa or provincial treasuries - feeling they are already over-taxed.


Anonymous said...

Not a good week for PMSH.

Perhaps its time to get Doug Finlay back into the campaign office and send the kids out to the playground.

Look at this round-up of weekend opinion pieces.
•Chantal Hebert, Star:“To drive his message home, Harper has been blatantly creative with the facts, starting with his own manoeuvres as an opposition leader in a minority Parliament. He has risked turning the election into a debate on his character, a huge gamble for a figure that has been shown to have a higher-than-average potential to polarize Canadians. Harper is taking that gamble based on his conviction that against a divided opposition, polarization is an ace up the Conservative sleeve.”
•Stephen Maher, Chronicle-Herald: “Harper’s team may be nervous, and if they’re not, they should be. Harper is on track to win this election, but so far the Liberals are having a better campaign, and the Conservatives could lose the government even if they win the election.”
•Adam Radwanski, Globe and Mail:“…the Liberal Leader is surprising even his own handlers with his comfort on the campaign trail. And he shows signs of making the Conservatives pay for underestimating him, and for conditioning the public – through advertisements that portrayed Mr. Ignatieff as a bumbling dilettante – to do likewise.”
•David Akin, Sun Media:“The Conservative war room has been obsessed, in the meantime, with penny-ante “gotcha” shots every time they think they’ve got more evidence of Ignatieff’s designs on a coalition government. OK. We get the point. But if Conservatives really want that majority, they’ll have to do more than that to tell Canadians why they want it.”
•David Olive, Star:“It has seemed almost farcical to hear Prime Minister Stephen Harper warn that Canada’s economic recovery would be jeopardized by a Liberal-led coalition of opposition parties taking power after the federal election May 2.”
•Bruce Campion-Smith, Star: “A week that started strong for Harper — by putting Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff on his heels with accusations of plotting to lead an opposition coalition — ended with the Conservative leader looking unsteady on everything from debates, his dealings with the media and even his attacks around the coalition.”

Anonymous said...

Anon: Who the hell listens to anything the Lib media writes and yes this includes Akin who from time to time has a knot in his knickers as well?
During one of the last elections (?????), the National Daycare Program was estimated to surpass the Health Care spending within 10 years of implementation and parents would be held hostage by Unionized Early Childhood Educators screaming for more money every contract. Just imagine the chaos if parents all had to stay home to babysit because the "sitter" was on strike!

Anonymous said...

to the first commenter, check the polls...conservative numbers keep going up far into majority territory. everybody is sick of these fake scandals. andminority governments do not work. at all.

hunter said...

Anon 2:31

Check out the biased CTV for the latest polls, the Conservatives have taken a 11 point lead over the lefties.

Suck it up buttercup! Go back to rabble, where you belong. Don't infest Conservative blogs with your verbal garbage, lest you get recycled.

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