Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our Class

I went to see the Theater 180/ Can Stage co production of Our Class.
I thought it was an extremely well done play. The topic is vey disturbing. It was about the slaughter of the Jewish members of a Polish village by their neighbours and classmates. It started with the songs of childhood and went to a very dark place. It was sometimes difficult to watch. The cast was excellent and the staging very effective. The cancer of anti Semitism was exposed among even our friendss.
It has had good reviews. A disturbing play but well worth watching.


Anna said...
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Kunoichi said...

My parents (both Polish Catholics, both very young at the time) witnessed atrocities of neighour against neighbour during WWII. Where they lived, it was Ukrainians (also Catholics) against Poles. Among the various things my father did to stay alive before he was captured by the Germans was be able to pass himself off as Ukrainian.

It's horrifying how war can turn people who've lived together in relative peace for so long into enemies like that.

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