Thursday, April 28, 2011

The OSM gives a concert with a propagandist

 I have subscribed to the OSm for many years. Yesterday was an all Beethoven concert includng the beautiful Pastoral symphony one of my favourites.
The beauty of the music was ruined by the presence of warmist david suzuki. He rambled on inbetween pieces saying that capitalism is bad and that we shouldn't worry about the economy. He sounded like a true commie. He dismissed climategate and instructed us to worship scientists who have been making the same dire predictions for 40 years. I guess david didn't realize that these scientists have been wrong. The concert became very long with the rantings of the warmist. There were signs for the suzuki foundation all over the place and I was offered a chance to win one of the propagandist's books. I declined. Fortunately for david he didn't engage in electioneering or there would have been many more complaints to the authourities. The MSO made a mistake by inviting him to speak for so long.
The music was beautiful, but david was truly out of place. He had a slide show with many scenes of nature and that was nice.

KENT NAGANO, conductor

BEETHOVEN, Grosse fuge, Op. 133
Symphony No.8
Symphony No. 6 ("Pastoral")

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Anonymous said...

thank you so very much for the music that touches my heart. He is the best of us all. Heltau

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