Sunday, April 24, 2011

Nobody trusts iffy?

iffy polls lower than his party. He thought he could have an election on trust. It's really not working. So what do the grits do they spend a lot of money on infomercials featuring iffy. I guess the only good thing about these infomercials for the grits is they are on at times where no one will watch. I mean who watches TV on a beautiful Easter Sunday afternoon.

It was supposed to be the “ballot box question,” according the Liberal game plan: Do Canadians trust Stephen Harper — a prime minister slapped with a historic “contempt” label just days before the election was called — to govern the country in the true spirit of democracy, with honesty, transparency, accountability?

Nearly one month later, and just days away from a vote that appears increasingly likely to give Mr. Harper’s Conservative party a landmark majority government, the Liberal strategy of trying to demonize Mr. Harper as a closet dictator pursuing “absolute power” is evidently in tatters.

Furthermore, much of the Liberal assault on Mr. Harper over trust and transparency has rebounded on the party’s own leader, Michael Ignatieff, whose awkward handling of the “coalition” question, his failure to overcome Tory-stoked suspicions about his commitment to Canada and his dismally low ratings on leadership indexes have left the Liberals in genuine danger of losing their status as the official Opposition


wilson said...

Iffy calling our government the Harper 'Regime' is insulting to the intelligence of every Canadian.

Anonymous said...

The only contempt Canadians hold is Contempt for the Liberal party...and the coalition, for this $300 Million dollar election for nothing(Unless PM harper gets his long overdue majority)