Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Neil Drabkin , Tory candidate Westmount Ville Marie

Mathew Conway  Gerry Weiner

Sebastien Forte
Young volunteers! Thank You!

Neil Drabkin
Jess Weiser

Stockwell and Val Day

  I attended the opening of the campaign office for the great Tory candidate in Westmount Ville Marie.  As you can see the office was absolutely packed.  There were many luminaries including Senator Leo Housakos, Senator Judith Seidman , Former Quebec Justice Minister Dupuis and of course Stockwell day and his lovely wife Val. Our candidate in NDG , Mathew Conway and Rosemont Petit Patrie, Sebastien Forte were also in attendance. The kids from Conservative McGill were there in large numbers. Stockwell Day gave a rousing speech. He said that we must defeat the coalition for the good of Canada. He introduced Neil, who had been his Chief of Staff for 5 years. It was obvious that he held Neil in very high regard. Neil gave a short, but stirring speech. he is ready to work to make Westmount Ville marie a Tory seat for the first time since 1958. He thanked his mentor Gerry Weiner ( he had worked on Weiner's campaign in 1984). There was a lot of youth and energy in that room and I am sure Neil will make a great MP. Please donate, volunteer and vote for Neil Drabkin in Westmount Ville marie.

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Miles Lunn said...

Don't mean to rain on your parade, but I highly doubt the Tories will win any seats on the Island of Montreal. They may depending on how things go win seats in Vancouver proper and the 416 area code (Toronto), but not Montreal. Any seats they win in Quebec (asides from Lawrence Cannon) will be in an around Quebec City and the Saguenay region. Westmount-Ville Marie is not a solid Liberal riding, but Marc Garneau should hold this as the Bloc, NDP, and Tories are too weak to realistically take this riding.

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