Friday, April 29, 2011

More Tory Endorsements

Mayor Rob Ford will be endorsing the Tories. Not surprising, I saw Doug Ford at a Joe Oliver event a few weeks ago in Eglington Lawrence.

The National Post has also endorsed the Tories.

Editorial board endorsement: Conservatives a clear choice in uncertain times

National Post editorial board Apr 28, 2011 – 9:00 PM ET | Last Updated: Apr 28, 2011 8:57 PM ET

Chris Wattie/Reuters
The editorial board believes Harper is still right for Canada
On Oct. 8, 2008, six days before the last federal election, we wrote these words about our Prime Minister: “Stephen Harper has governed the country well overall. He has stuck by Canada’s mission in Afghanistan, provided sound stewardship for the economy (notwithstanding the inevitable buffeting we [have taken] thanks to Wall Street’s meltdown), managed the Quebec file well, returned Canada-U.S. relations to their normal level of amity, lowered taxes and implemented a number of welcome tweaks to our criminal justice system. Most importantly of all, Mr. Harper has avoided the temptation to impose any large-scale Trudeauvian social-engineering schemes on the country.”

The Record.

But Canadians have to create a new Parliament with the political parties and parts they have been given. When we weigh all the options, we conclude that despite their abundant flaws, the Conservatives, with their experience and vision, would be best for this country.

The Province
Harper is the leader who has shown he understands the need to control public spending, who will stand up for a strong, unified Canada, and who will focus his policies on the needs of taxpayers.

Harper isn’t perfect. We’ve been critical of him before and will continue to hold him to account in the future. But he’s our best option right now, when we need a firm hand on the tiller of our economy.

and the Brampton Guardian
EDITORIAL: Harper deserves a majority

Canadians on Monday will once again be asked to make a decision on who should govern this country and it’s a chance once and for all for the minority status of the Stephen Harper government to end.
Harper is not lovable or sexy, but he deserves a majority and a chance to lead the country to a complete economic recovery and beyond— a recovery that his government is partly responsible for and which is the envy of the industrialized world.


Warren Zoell said...

What does an NDP Government mean for you?

How about:

Increases on your income tax

An increase on the GST

A federal HST.

Increased funding to the CBC

Increased funding to the Canadian Human Rights Commissions Federally as well as Provincially.

The shutting down of Alberta's Oilsands which would mean the loss of thousands of jobs.

Heavy funding towards the fake science of Anthropogenic Global Warming

A more hostile environment towards businesses inside as well as outside Canada wishing to invest in this country.

Increase on business taxes

The scraping of the F 35 purchase which are so desperately needed to replace our ageing F 18's at a penalty cost of around 1.5 billion or more

The gradual defunding of Canada's military.

Increased negotiations with despotic dictators. There is a reason he's called Taliban Jack

Tax funded abortions

An increasingly loaded supreme court

No more chance of an elected senate

And an increased erosion of our rights and freedoms.

This is just for starters. If you can think of more please feel free to add.

To anyone voting NDP. Are you out of your mind!!??

Jen said...

Toronto star, globe and mail, and other newspapers outlet will shut down because of the rise of GST, HST (which by the way is a provincial matter),higher taxes. Thousands of reporters will lose their jobs. In a socialist world money matters to them only not to the little guy, and since those reporters scrub the same floor (preach hating Harper 24/7, when only one or two can do the job and not only that, they will have to be fluent in French or else the likes of Taber who don't speak french will lose their jobs.

Socialists don't like too much economy around, it makes them lose or feel less powerful. The least amount of jobs the superior it is for a socialists to control you.
They know that you need to eat but eat you will, under their rules.

The msm bare the most responsibility for manipulating the public for into believing that the PM was/is evil, while allowing the coalition rare their ugly heads.

Jen said...

Albertans are afraid off what will happen to them since they have gone through P E TRUDEAU's NEP; Paul Martin's cutting the transfer payments for Healthcare. In fact, Alberta has not fully recovered from Trudeau imposed recession on us nor Paul Martin's cutting our healthcare money.
Now we face a far more devasting problem-the coalition.
Pray everyone PRAY with every fibre of your being that the PM gets a very large conservative majority government to protect our stability and our nation.

Winston said...

So did the Globe & Mail

I Support Lord Black