Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More grits desperation

The latest grit healthcare gambit is fully exposed by Steve Stinson in the National Post. It is more about grit desperation than actual policy.

No one really believes that the parliamentary ritual of Question Period accomplishes anything concrete. But the daily session, during which MPs ask tortured non-questions that are given evasive non-answers, is at least helpful in identifying the issues that stoke opposition fervour in Ottawa.

In the month of March, which ended with the dissolution of Parliament, the Liberal party asked many questions about tax rates, election financing and ethics. It asked questions about prisons, Bev Oda, the CBC and the Champlain Bridge. It asked questions about the environment, child care and fighter jets.

It did not ask any questions about health-care funding.

The same is true of February: zero questions about health care, save for a couple here and there that asked why the government wasn’t rushing to hold clinical trials for the controversial “Liberation” treatment for multiple sclerosis.

It’s a record that is tough to square with the Liberals’ newfound zeal for health care, the latest evidence of which was an announcement on Tuesday that former prime minster Jean Chr├ętien would join leader Michael Ignatieff on the campaign trail “as the Liberal team shares the Liberal commitment to protect universal public health care.” That statement came just a few hours after Bob Rae and two other Liberal candidates held a press conference in Ottawa to accuse the Conservatives of plotting to slash health-care funding in order to balance future budgets.

Chantal hebert doubts it will work. I think the lies won't work>


Anonymous said...

The count states in his health care ad that "when my mother had alzheimers she needed health care" what he leaves out is that he had abandonded her and he expected the health care system to take on his responsibility. The Liberal health care policy is designed to encourage a family to rely on Government and forget the family unit.

maryT said...

So, they lied about that quote, what else are they lying about, maybe those harassing phone calls. Don't those that said they received them have call display and a computer. Google the number.
Why is EC investigating those calls but wont investigate an illegal advance poll. Wonder how many other advance poll ballot boxes will turn up from non official polls.
Get out an be a scrutineer for your conservative candidate.

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