Sunday, April 03, 2011

Maureen Harquail CPC Candidate St Pauls

Maureen Harquail               Wendy Stewart

Jim Flaherty    Michael Wilson

Senator Consiglio Di Nino

                                                Senator Don Meredith

I got to attend the opening of the campaign office of Maureen Harquail. It was a great even with a lot of people in attendance in downtown Toronto. Lots of great guest including Jim Flaherty and Michael Wilson. It was nice hearing from two finance ministers. Senator Consiglio Di Nino and Senator Don Meredith were also in attendance.
Lots of other intersting people from the riding including PCPO candidate Michael Mostyn.
 Flaherty gave a good speech denouncing the tax and spend grits. he said iffy was back to the 70's in terms of policy. Billions of spending with no way to pay for it, thats the iffy strategy. He also mentioned Maureen is a cousin.
 Maureen gave a speech thanking the crowd and the guests . She is a lawyer and will be a great MP.
I had a chance to chance to chat with Mr Flaherty at the end of the event and again mentioned my preference for a flat tax!. We had a laugh over iffy's morning announcement
 It was a great event and even @kady was there.
Please donate volunteer and vote for Maureen Harquail for St Paul's!!


Steve said...

That was a fun. Thanks for coming and taking the pictures.

been around the block said...

'Any chance, Dr. Roy, you could let us know before these events take place, so those of us in the vacinity could plan to attend -- or are they invitation only?

Steve said...

batb, As you may understand, with an event like this we chose to invite only supporters in St. Paul's to minimize any potential for disruption. You would have received an invitation if you were on the local association list. The event was well attended and a great success.

been around the block said...

GR-8 to hear, Steve. Ms. Harquail seems like a strong candidate. I wish her well!

Wendy Stewart said...

Thanks for taking some great photos Roy! Always great to see you and what a fantastic event. Maureen is truly a "star" candidate!

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