Saturday, April 23, 2011

Left Right Debate in the Laurentians

Francois Saillant       Mme Bolduc( moderator)    Eric Duhaime

  I accompanied my friend Eric Duhaime ( a fellow Co Founder of the Reseau Liberte Quebec) on a trip to Saint Jerome. Eric debated Francois Saillant of FRAPRU and Quebec Solidaire.
It was a two hour left versus left debate at Cegep Saint Jerome in the Laurentians. There were two topics inter generational inequality and privatizing public services. I was surprised that the auditorium was actually full of students. I was also pleasantly surprised that the audience was actually quite open minded.  Eric did very well in the debate.  He spoke to the students and told them  that they would be the first generation of Quebeckers who would receive less from the state than they paid in.  Mr Saillant gave the usual points about social justice. He spent a lot of time bashing big business and rich people, but offered few solutions to problems. The students asked many questions, especially about the long waits for health care and seemed open to some private care.  i think Eric clearly won the debate and by the applause , I think the audience did as well.
 After the event Eric and I met with 20 students who want to form a regional RLQ in the Laurentians.
 It is great that the RLQ message of freedom is spreading across Quebec! Please join us!

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