Monday, April 25, 2011

Latest Nanos poll shows 14 pt lead nationally..

and an 18 point lead in Ontario. The Tories lead in all of the country except Quebec.
 The biased msm is trying to spin this in favour of the grits and dippers, but that's just a fight for number 2.
 It looks like more seats in Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador , the Maritimes and Alberta and perhaps BC.

In Ontario

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Alan Charleston said...

Prediction that Canadian PM Harper
is the envy of the world,as the saying goes "you ain,t seen nothing yet"
Canada has produced a well educated economist from a working class background that will go down in CANADIAN and WORLD HISTORY as a 1st world class politician.
Canadians can be proud that a local boy makes good thanks to his tough love upbringing philosophy by his parents.
His leadership and skill of putting the right person/ MPs /in the right portfolio 90% of the time, is brilliant
One of his mentors Ralph Klein with a grade 6 education but lots of Common Sense,while running for the mayor of Calgary stated that he knew "If you have only $11mil
coming in you cannot spend$14mil"
or you will be in debt"
PM Harper willrenesse make Canadians proud