Sunday, April 10, 2011

Joe Oliver Tory Candidate Eglinton Lawrence

Rocco Rossi

Joe Oliver    Jim Flaherty

                                    Robin Shugar

The U of T Young Conservatives and Jim Flaherty

Doug Ford

  I went to an event at Joe Oliver's campaign office with  Jim Flaherty and Doug Ford. It was a great event. Joe came within about 2000 votes of defeating joe volpe ( who is still paying off his grit leadership debt). This time he's going to do it. volpe has been all but silent lately.  Ford, Flaherty and Ford gave short speeches and then many teams were sent out for door to door campaigning. Flaherty was ready in his running shoes! It was great to see Rocco Rossi supporting and helping out Joe Oliver. Can't imagine iffy is happy. It was an enthusiastic and energized crowd.
 Please vote , volunteer and donate to Joe Oliver.


Anonymous said...

That's a good group of conservatives right there. (real conservative)

been around the block said...

How I wish I lived in Joe Oliver's riding. I've seen signs out for him driving through that neighbourhood on my way to work. Volpe's signs are twice as big -- but half as effective, IMO! Fortunately, there are as many signs for Oliver as for Volpe, who wears the thug mantle of the "culture of corruption" Judge Gomery spoke about in the LPC, in his report a few years ago.

Unfortunately, I live in Olivia Chow's riding. I'll be voting for our Conservative candidate, Gin Siow.

I've never seen the level of partisanship and downright corruption in the media as in this election. A lot is at stake and the unelected opposition, the media, and the disloyal opposition, The Three Stooges, are piling on Prime Minister Harper in an unprecedented frenzy.

It's ugly, it's nasty, just as Prime Minister Harper predicted it would be.

I Support Lord Black