Friday, April 15, 2011

iffy on Canada

 I was appalled as a Canadian to hear the words of iffy. iffy's words will offend many in Quebec. Why do Anglophones and Allophones in Quebec continue to vote for the grits?  iffy doesn't seem to value Canada very much. I wonder if he considers himself an American first, a Briton second and a Canadian third?

“Hey, you guys don’t like the country, that’s OK by me. But why break away, why not just keep accepting the cheques while ignoring the rest of the country and devoting yourselves solely to your own province? You can be a Navelgazer or a Slob, in whatever order you prefer.”

I’m no scholar on foreign affairs, but I have an idea that the Opposition Leader wouldn’t get too far. Who wants to elect, as its national leader, someone who is happy to see the country treated as second rate within its own borders, or would encourage one province to treat the others, and the country itself, as a pack of distant, unwanted cousins?

In Canada it’s apparently OK. In trying to curry favour with Quebec voters Wednesday, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff repeated his opinion that Quebecers are fully justified in distancing themselves from Canada and saving their allegiance for the province itself.

“You can be a Quebecer or a Canadian in the order you prefer,” he assured the viewing audience.

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Thomas said...

PQ plans to make next pm's life hard, written by Greame Hamilaton National Post on april 15 2011
The real reason that Duceppe does not want Harper as Prime Minister because he the only one who will prevent them from destroying Canada for Quebec separation

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