Saturday, April 30, 2011

HM PM Stephen Harper in Montreal

Celebrating the Riyal Wedding

Tory Candidates  Zaki-Ghavitian Maurice Brossard Shama Chopra Svetlana Litvin

Maurice Brossard   Rudy Husny

Senators Nolin,  Carignan, Demers and Demers

Amos Sochaczevski


I had a busy day yesterday. I got at 4:30 AM watched the Royal Wedding ( as did Stephen Harper and Laureen), then I went to see Stephen Harper give a speech at the Weider Center in Montreal. He was introduced by TMR candidate Saulie Zajdel, who is suffering from a hoarse voice. It really looks like Saulie has a good chance. Please help him all you can !
 There was a large enthusiastic crowd.  HM PM talked about carrying a steady course and concentrating on the economy. He contrasted the Tory low tax policy with the ndp grit bloq high tax policy. He denounced the attempts to have Quebec separate from Canada.
 Amos Sochaczevski, owner of the Montreal Suburban got up and said he was a friend of Cotler and he wished HM PM a long life and a Tory Majority!! He will be voting Tory!
 There were some questions from reporters , which HM PM answered in both official languages. 

 I didn't realize there were a few violent thugs outside until after the event.

 Today is Stephen Harper's Birthday. I wish him a very Happy Birthday and a Tory Majority government!!

Harper in Montreal from roy eappen on Vimeo.

Harper in Montreal from roy eappen on Vimeo.

Harpers Celebrate Royal Wedding from roy eappen on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Too bad the CBC only showed the people in the background and Harper and not the huge crowd in the gym. Usual tactic.

5 questions from the media, 4 of which were lengthy diatribes followed by biased questions.

Winston said...

Harper rocks

I Support Lord Black