Monday, April 04, 2011

THe grits and HMC Forces

 I find the grit interest in our troops and veterans pretty amusing. General Hillier called the pseudo chretien /dithers era a decade of darkness for the Canadian military. grits sent our sons and daughters into harm's way without proper equipment. pseudo chretien was always saying he would send troops while cutting budgets. pseudo chretien's cancellation of the helicopter deal put our troops in danger !iffy wants to repeat these maneuvers.
The Tories have re equiped HM Canadian Forces so our troops have the best equipment. iffy knows we have to replace our aging fighter jets. Indeed the grits support the air mision in Libya. I think the grits want our troops to use crop dusters.
We can always do more for our veterans. We owe them an eternal debt.
The Tories have enhanced support for veterans and their families, including $2 billion to ensure the veterans who have been seriously injured in service: $282 million to expand the Veterans Independence Program for surviving family members.
And there are currently a number of programs available to CF members that pay for college and university tuition, books, and academic equipment. In some cases there are guarantees for jobs upon graduation. So iffy is trying to reinvent the wheel.

I am a staunch supporter of HM Canadian Forces they have fought and died for our freedom. I want to see them well equipped and well supported when they return. I will not be voting grit
The grits record on the military is shameful and continues to be shameful.


Winston said...

libs will destroy Canada

Anonymous said...

Somebody please explain to me how former career military personnel can run for the NDP or especially the Liberals who put them in danger with crap equipment and made them the laughing stock of NATO. I think of the retired Air Force Colonel running against Ret'd. Gen. Gord O'Connor in Carleton - Mississippi Mills. Does she have no recollection of the people who died because the Liberals cancelled the EH 101 helicopters? Political aspirations take priority over ethics perhaps.Also, what about the NDP candidate in Malpeque PEI, also a retired career military woman, who wishes to have the Canadian Military return to its Peacekeeper of the world status (whatever that is).
What a bloody shame!

Anonymous said...

Let's guess that those military hacks are too desperate to get into the senate that they would hold their noses and vote against everything any decent military person should believe in... a viable fighting force with good morale. (real conservative)

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