Friday, April 15, 2011

Bias at elections Canada ( in Guelph)?

As you probably read there was a controversy in Guelph about questionable voting practices. A poll was not registered by elections Canada and there was rampant partisan literature in the area of the poll and problems with scrutineers. This has all been resolved in favour of allowing the votes inspite of these obvious violations.
 A similar situation occured in 2006 and the grits complained and their complaint was acted upon. I guess elections Canada rules only apply intermittently.

Let's look at how elections Canada has acted in Guelph in the past. Their officials have allowed questionable voting in the past. From an article in the Guelph Mercury from 2006. Apparently you don't have to live in a riding to vote in that riding if you are a grit.
This is clearly against elections Canada rules. It is the same official then as now ,as far as i can see. It's all very interesting. I would like to see fairness from elections Canada at least during elections. I guess I can only dream.

GUELPH -- Ken Morgan's curiosity was piqued the moment he spotted two voter cards tucked in the mail at Conservative Brent Barr's campaign office in Guelph.

They were for Kevin and Gillian Chamberlain, son and daughter-in-law of Liberal MP Brenda Chamberlain. Both live outside the Guelph riding, but the address on the cards was clearly for Barr's campaign office on Speedvale Avenue.

"I read the names and my eyebrows kind of raised," said Morgan, the Conservative campaign manager.

"I thought, 'Why would they be sent here?' "

They were sent there because in 2004, Chamberlain used that same office to run her federal election campaign. Unless Elections Canada is informed of a change in address, it doesn't update its records.

The MP said some of her family reported the Speedvale Avenue office as their address to Elections Canada, which allowed them to vote in Guelph.

That, according to the Elections Act, is against the rules.

Chamberlain also readily admits her family -- who like her live outside the Guelph riding in the Ariss area -- have always voted in Guelph.


Anonymous said...

Not to forget that the 2nd voting box had two different numbers on it. One on the top and one on the bottom. All an unethical cheater has to do is rip one off, stuff the box and put the matching number to the bottom back onto the box. Voila...Liberals win. Where's maynard with his CBC camera crew and reporters?

Anonymous said...

It was also reported that two ballots were found in a Liberal campaign office for two students to use as their addresses. Something smells. CBC also reported that illegal election voting in Guelph was deemed okay????

Anonymous said...

#votemob : vote early vote often. I bet you moveon/soros is backing iggy via votemob/leadnow.

Pissedoff said...

EC = Liberal party and Iggy

K Morgan said...

Lots of fun here in Guelph.

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