Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The grits are in huge trouble

 HM PM Stephen Harper (and he will remain so) has wanted a left right divide in Canadian politics for many years. That seems to be happening and with the natural result that the libranos are being squeezed into oblivion. The latest Nanos poll has the Tories with massive leads in Ontario and BC and trending up in both provinces. We have a ten point lead over the dippers and 15 points on the floundering grits. The grits continue their delusions, though not all of them.


Thucydides said...

We need to wait for the dust to settle before crowing about the destruction of the LPC.

Best/worst case scenario (depending on where you sit) is the party gets walloped on election night, triggering infighting between the various factions. Bob Rae vs Quebec based leadership contenders, Blue vs Orange Liberals, and people wanting a wholesale reordering of the party vs those looking for a miracle candidate (AKA the Young Dauphin Trudeau) to save them.

Much more likely is the NDP surge will peter out like the Liberal Democrat's did in the UK. The Libs will have lost a few seats, send Ignatieff packing and engage in a more muted internal struggle for power. They will not have learned their lesson and continue to attempt to act as a spoiler or even trigger a coalition.

Indeed, unless the CPC wins a clear majority or the "Blue Liberal" faction refuses to go along and caucuses independently, the Coalition will come to pass. I think this was the goal all along, but the electoral numbers are upsetting the calculations made before the writ was dropped.

Anonymous said...

They certainly are in huge trouble.

These idiots forced the election.

The numbers in Ontario are pivotal here and I'm pleased others have noticed it.

The 20+ point gap provincewide that the Cons appear to have could lead to a complete decimation of the Lib party outside the 416.

Libs are already coming out talking about merger and publicly declaring defeat. It becomes harder for Iggy to campaign with a straight face.The voters can sense this a mile away.

burpnrun said...

The Grits aren't the issue. This is, and it's serious:

The real threat to Canadian Democracy (Soros, Avaaz, unions, media, etc):

Folks, there's only 3 days to get the word out if you come to the same conclusion that I do. This is very serious.

Anonymous said...

I CANNOT EMPHASIZE ENOUGH HOW IMPORTANT it is to get out the vote. If you've never volunteered NOW IS THE TIME. The CPC NEEDS people to help out and I'm serious. The coalition talk isn't some kind of scare tactic IT'S REAL. Not only that it's WORSE THAN WE THOUGHT. Because NOW JACK LAYTON would be PRIME MINISTER.

I Support Lord Black