Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Finnish Eurosceptics/ Conservatives win elections

I am a eurosceptic. The eu is a threat to freedom and his a huge bureaucracy that will tax the people of Europe into bankruptcy. people in europe are waking up to the dangers of the eu. Freed trade yes! Not taling over of national sovereignty by bureaucrats in Brussels. HM PM Cameron need to have a referendum on the EU. The leaders of the UK have promised this, but have all reneged. Indeed many of my Tory friends have been defecting to UKIP. Even Baroness Thatcher has been helping UKIP. The UK Tories are wrong on Europe.
As I have told my UK friends divided Tory parties lead to leftist victory. It's time for Cameron to rethink his support of the bloated brussels bureaucracy.


L said...

This is pretty much how one-world government would feel - very SCARY! I do hope the EU unravels.

Sue said...

Hi, just stumbled on your blog in google!

Cameron won't give us a referendum on the EU, ever... we will have to have some sort of revolution if we can't get UKIP in a more powerful position.

I'm not sure what is happening. I'm torn between believing in the NWO theory and just plain gravy train greed. I can't quite decide which particular scenario is true. Probably a little of both. There is definitely a socialist agenda, which is unfortunate for those who aren't socialists... :)

Sue in Spain ;)

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