Sunday, April 17, 2011

Federalists in Quebec need to Vote Tory

The PQ is having a :"national" council this weekend and pauline marois got 93% support. There was discussion of banning English on signs ( defeated) and making college and CEGEP students be required under Bill 101 to go French schools.( hopefully to be defeated) The PQ is a radical ethnic nationalist party. Who showed up the convention to tell everyone there to vote in more bloc MPs.
gilles duceppe of course. Why ? Well of course to pave the way for another separatist referendum.
The majority of Quebecers are sick and tired of these attempts to break up Canada. It's time to move on. The Tories respect provincial rights and jurisdiction. The grit promises almost always interfere with provincial rights.

Imagine if there is a pq government and there is a separatist socialist grit coalition. Either the coalition would given in to bq blackmail (essentially a bloc veto) or the coalition would become unstable just at a time when Canada would need a strong stable government.
If you are a Quebec federalist You cannot take a chance on the coalition parties. Vote for a united Canada . Vote Tory.


Pissedoff said...

The PQ\BQ are racist organisations and the whole of QC should be given the boot.

Anonymous said...

Actually short term this would be good for anglos as the English CEGEP's are bursting at the seams and some anglos who merit it are not getting in (of course this is due to the Quebec government not funding the English colleges adequately deliberately).

But seriously, this is racist nonesense, but it may wake people up to the dangers of the P.Q. in power which is soon upon us again.

Miles Lunn said...

I am not sure I totally agree here. Quebec is generally more left wing than English Canada so I suspect a Tory majority without a whole lot of seats in Quebec would result in the PQ playing off the idea that if you want a progressive country (left wing), the only choice is to vote for separtism and they would argue even if English Canada was once more left wing this is not the case today. The reality is on most issues Quebecers are more left wing than English Canadians. That being said, considering they would almost certainly lose a referendum today, I doubt they will hold one.

Rotterdam said...

The Conservatives should hit Ignatieff with a soft on human smuggling attack ad, Ignatieff statements today will enforce it.

Duceppe handed Harper a gem today.
Harper should bring up the Liberal nightmare-1995, when they almost lost the country. Put that in a attack ad.

Anonymous said...

How many Quebecois work directly or indirectly for the Federal government and its agencies? How many companies currently operating in Quebec essentially rely on federal grants/loans that would be forced to move? If a Quebecois civil servant loses his job with the government of Canada, does Canada have any obligation to pay him a pension he's never contributed to?
If Quebec can separate from Canada, then why can't the Eastern Townships and the Ottawa valley separate from Quebec?
There are a lot of questions that need to be addressed by the rest of Canada.

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