Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ever more Tory Endorsements

Mayor Ford made it official and endorsed the Tories.

 This should make francis russell's head explode The Winnipeg Free Press:
Canada needs political stability to grow its economy and sort out its affairs, particularly its finances and soaring health-care costs. The most certain way Canada will get the stability and policies it needs now is by electing a majority Conservative government on Monday.

EDITORIAL: Conservative majority best for Canada

We think Canada has spent too much time worrying about federal elections during the past seven years. We think this has negatively affected public policy and economic growth.

We call on Canadians to vote for a Conservative majority government on May 2 - and we think the federal influence of Torontonians is in peril if there isn't a smattering of Tory blue on the city's election map once the election is over.

There. We've said it.

The Montreal Gazette;
In light of how this election campaign has unfolded, and what it has told us about the strengths and weaknesses of the parties and their leaders, it appears the optimal party to form a majority government is Stephen Harper's Conservative Party.

Prince Arthur Herald
The Herald’s Election Endorsement: For a Stronger, More Prosperous Canada
Posted on April 29th, 2011 by Herald Ed Board in Editorial Board

With the election period drawing to a close, the question of which party will form our next government still looms large. Yet while the actual election results may still be in doubt, we at the Herald are certain of who should be elected: the Conservative Party of Canada. Moreover, not only should the Conservative Party and its leader Stephen Harper form our next government, but they should also receive a strong and functioning majority
Tory majority means strong jobs, economy

Make no mistake — Monday's federal election is about the economy. It's about jobs.
The economy — creating jobs, attracting foreign investment and eliminating the deficit — is crucial to Canadian voters as we move forward from our fourth election in seven years. We first need a secure financial future before we can turn our attention to dealing with infrastructure, affordable housing and childcare.
We believe the best way to ensure continued economic growth and a complete recovery from the worldwide recession is to install a majority Conservative government in Ottawa.

Some Tories even got a union endorsement;
On Thursday, the Seafarers International Union of Canada representing sailors on lake ships formally endorsed incumbent Rick Dykstra in St. Catharines and Leanna Villella in the Welland riding.

"We don't look at it in terms of parties," said Jim Given, the SIU's executive vice-president. "We're going to support the candidate that is getting things done for our members."

Conservative candidates rarely get such an open endorsement from labour, and Dykstra was all too happy to trumpet the sailors' support.

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