Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dr Kellie Leitch Tory Candidate Simcoe Grey

Dr Kellie Leitch is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, She has been involved in Tory politics for many years.
Jim Flaherty Dr Kellie Leitch   Former Ont Premier Bill Davis
She is a brilliant womean. She has management experience. She understands our healthcare system as few can. She is hardworking and will be a great MP. Please volunteer, donate and vote for Dr Kellie Leitch.

"There's only one Conservative candidate in this riding, Kellie Leitch is our Conservative candidate, and True Blue will run forever in this riding. I feel confident that any individuals who aren't on board will be on board after Monday night.

Kemp also pointed to Conservative membership numbers in the riding, noting there has never been as many until now. "I don't think the divisions are as deep as many believe."

It was Geddes, Lloyd, Tatham, Canning and Kemp who kicked off Thursday's press conference with hearty and heart-felt endorsements of the candidate and her abilities.

"We're all here for one simple reason: we believe in Kellie Leitch, we believe in her leadership skills, and where she's going to take Simcoe-Grey in the future," said Geddes.

"The principles she stands behind are the everything I ever grew up as a Conservative knowing, and they're true to me, and they're true to her heart," added Lloyd. "Hurtful things have been said about parachute campaigns and candidates, and none of that is true. She is a resident, and the proof is in this house."

"This will be the first time in all the years I've been around, that we'll have proper representation from the Conservative Party in this riding. She'll be one of the best cabinet ministers we've ever seen, because I fully intend for her to be our next minister of health."


Anonymous said...

LMAO..The Parachute candidate was not even a member of the riding association until Harper told her that Guergis won't be allowed back in the party. Dr. Kellie Leitch is just visiting, like Iggy..

Rural and Right said...

Nonny, FYI: Dr. Kellie Leitch has made her home in Clearview (Simcoe-Grey) Since 2005. The riding association president was, until recently, Helena's sister Christine.

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