Sunday, April 10, 2011

the dipper platform

If you thought the tax and spend grits had a lousy platform, the dippers have an even worse one.
It is a super tax and spend agenda. It will destroy the economy and cost jobs. Another piece of the coalition is trevealed

TORONTO – The NDP platform can usually be dismissed as glimpse into some futuristic utopia, where there’s no greed or hunger thanks to lavish New Democrat intervention.

The 2011 platform is no different in that regard – it promises to splurge $60-billion over four years, funded by increasing the corporate tax rate and revenue from a cap and trade system we haven’t got.

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Thucydides said...

It is important to look carefully and report on the NDP and BQ platforms, as these are what Mr Ignatieff will have to implement in order to achieve his three goals:

1. Grab power as Prime Minister
2. Fend off a hostile leadership review
3. Put down any dissent in his caucus (putting a foot on Bob Rae and the Young Dauphin's neck is a worthwhile goal for Mr Ignatieff).

Sticking the taxpayers with a $300 million bill, having Mr Layton as a cabinet minister and being the BQ's lapdog are a small price to pay for his ambitions

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