Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The bloc has brought out money and the ethnics parizeau to help save their furniture. The grits have brought out, wait for it, stephane dion, dithers and pseudochretien. Wow there is really desperation in the air.
iffy seems unable to tell the truth.
The sight of Parizeau will drive many to the Tories. Bringing dion to campaign with iffy means the grits have already conceded. Some of iffy's candidates are already abandoning him.


Bert said...

This is good news. Anything to split the liberal / Bloq vote is a good thing.

burpnrun said...

The Big Con.

Subtitle: How I Learned to Live with the NDP's Higher Taxes, and Love It!

A quickie primer on Jack's (or Iggy's) promises and costs. Fast read, depressing conclusion. Some macabre humour in between: http://burpnrun.blogspot.com/2011/04/big-con.html

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