Thursday, April 07, 2011

Chris Alexander is a great Candidate !

I was disgusted by another drive by smear by mark holland and his librano friends. They tried to claim That Chris was insensitive to poverty. I am accustomed to intellectual laziness by the grits, but this is an outright lie. mark holland who is shameless, has truly sunk into the gutter. Not surprising for a grit.
It is also amusing because the courts desperately courted Chris to run for them. They must be pretty pissed that such a great man is running for the Tories.Chris Alexander is a compassionate  human being,  I firrst met him at a conference to help the poor and dispossessed of Afghanistan. I feel priveleged to be able to say he is my friend. I have donated to help him get elected. He is highly educated and experienced. The people of Ajax Pickering will be very lucky to have him as their next MP. Please volunteer , donate and vote for Chris Alexander.

Also see BC Blue's post on Holland's cut and paste here.

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