Monday, April 18, 2011

Chantal Hebert on the continuing grit problems

The Tories have recovered in Quebec and we will maintain our Quebec City seats and will very likely win some more. Iffy and his grits are not having a good campaign in Quebec. I live in Outremont. Rudy Husny, CPC and Mulcair are everywhere. Cauchon is the invisible man.

Short of a game-changer between now and May 2, Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals will take a beating in Quebec next month.

To fully measure their predicament, consider that the Liberal frontline in Quebec has shifted to ridings the party used to take for granted less than a decade ago.

At mid-campaign, the federalist Outaouais region is a four-way battleground and the Liberals will have to fight hard for second place across much of the equally federalist Eastern Townships.

In Montreal, former prime minister Pierre Trudeau’s Mount Royal seat is at play, with the Conservatives hoping that their pro-Israel foreign policy will play well with the riding’s strong Jewish community.

In the rest of Canada, wave upon wave of Conservative negative ads eroded Ignatieff’s standing long before the election was called. But in Quebec the damage was largely self-inflicted.

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