Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Canada's Economy continues to lead the World

The grits and their coalition talk very little about the economy and jobs. They are afraid Canadians will focus on the one true issue in this election: the economy. They are still busy throwing mud. The OECD has said that Canada will have stellar growth numbers this year. We are the envy of the world. The grits have moved far to the left and don't seem to care about the economy much. They are more interested in bribing voters with their own money and taxing businesses. Job killing taxes is the common denominator of the socialist separatist grit coalition.

The latest economic headlines couldn't be better for the Tories if Stephen Harper had written them himself.

Even the CBC had to blare "Canada to lead in growth: OECD". With the Conservative party citing their economic management as a major reason to re-elect them - with a majority this time - the prestigious, non-partisan, international Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development just declared that Canada is enjoying unexpectedly spectacular growth, ahead of every other major industrial economy.

Because the OECD can't estimate how badly the earthquake and tsunami hurt Japan's economy, the "interim assessment" by OECD chief economist Pier Carlo Padoan only compares us with the rest of the G7: U.S., Germany, France, Italy and the U.K.

Most, except Italy, are doing quite well. But the OECD estimates that Canada topped the charts in the first three months of 2011 with 5.2% annual economic growth and will hit 3.8% between April and June - still first, and at least a full percentage point ahead of everyone but the U.S.

The OECD says little about why we are doing so well, with page after page of dry charts on things like business confidence, industrial production and trade for the U.S., the "Euro area", the U.K. and even China but not Canada. But we feature in their charts of deficits and debts, where our overall budget performance beats anyone but Germany.

The OECD, in typically bureaucratic prose, merely notes that: "Public finances remain in distress in most OECD countries" and calls for "pro-growth structural reforms."

But Tories might be tempted to translate it as: This is no time to tax and spend.

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We won’t be leading any more if Green Shaft 2011 gets into play: and,

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