Thursday, April 07, 2011

the bloc has principles?

like the grits and the dippers all principles go out the window to get power. Even bq supporters are disgusted. The bloc is supporting centralizing parties in order to get power. It's kind of funny. I am a staunch federalist and couldn't care less if bloc voters stayed home. It is their right. It's not very clever. The bq exists only because of electoral welfare at this point. I support eliminating electoral welfare. If I were a Quebec nationalist , I would vote for the party that respects the initial intentions of the constitution. The Tories respect provincial rights and jurisdictions , the grits and their coalition partners the bq and ndp do not.

For me, this unconditional loyalty to the Bloc ended Dec. 1, 2008, when I learned that Gilles Duceppe was going to support a coalition headed by the Liberal Party of thenleader St├ęphane Dion until June 30, 2011. Founded after the Meech Lake accord was undermined by Jean Chr├ętien and his friends, my party was now going to crown the heir to Trudeauism.

The man behind the Clarity Bill, he who never recognized the fiscal imbalance, he who compared Quebec to Corsica, was going to become the head of the Canadian government thanks to . Gilles Duceppe! No surprise then that the agreement signed by the three party leaders did not provide for any new constitutional initiatives: "We were unable to come to agreement on a concrete gesture of recognition of the Quebec nation," the Bloc leader candidly admitted on Dec. 1, 2008.

Naturally! The Bloc was supporting a coalition that included the New Democratic Party, a party even more centralizing than the Liberal Party. The agreement even called for the federal government injecting $45 million into culture . and here's me thinking culture was supposedly the exclusive jurisdiction of Quebec.

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