Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The bloc , coalition member

My friend Tash Kheiriddin has an excellent piece on the bq. It's time to vote Tory and get rid of the bloc!

Yes they do – thanks to money from the voters in all those other provinces. The Bloc receives $2,750,000 a year, courtesy of our nation’s public voter subsidies. Yet it spends all that money on one province. If it had to subsist on the money it actually raises – a scant $835,000 in 2009, the most recent year for publicly available figures – Mr. Duceppe would be riding in a mini-van instead of a tour bus.

The Tories have pledged to end these subsidies, but will only be able to do so if they get a majority. If I were Stephen Harper, I’d order copies of the Bloc platform summary (you can only get the full version in the language of Moliere, quelle surprise) dropped on every doorstep in every swing riding in English Canada. Even if the Tories have to pay the printing costs themselves, it’s a sure-fire vote getter.


wilson said...

Block the Bloc,
there seems to be a movement afoot.

This election may turn into a perfect storm!

Warren Zoell said...

I think the reality is that if people in Quebec were not voting for the bloc they would be voting Liberal. We would be stuck with Liberal governments add infinitum.

wilson said...

Warren, Dec 1, 2008 changed everything.

A vote for the Bloc is a vote for the Liberals via coalition of losers.

A vote for the Liberals is a vote for the Bloc via coalition of losers.

Warren Zoell said...

wilson - Do you think there would be a Conservative government if the bloc didn't exist?

Warren Zoell said...

Personally I find the bloc vile and reprehensible but one has to look at the reality.

Ask yourself this. Over all in terms of ideology does Quebec lean left or right?

Anonymous said...
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wilson said...

Warren, are you speaking in terms of the Bloc 20 years ago,
or the fat cat Duceppe separatists we see today?

Why don't you take a stab at illustrating the difference 20 years has made in the Bloc,
and the Dec 1, 2008 turning point.

Because frankly Scarlet....
I just want to see both the LPC and the Bloc out and a stable national Conservative majority IN,
for the good of my country.

Warren Zoell said...

Wilson - I am speaking of the general ideology of the people of Quebec. The great majority of its people lean left. That's just a fact.Don't kid yourself they would vote Liberal. I'm not speaking of the bloc 20 years ago or today per say. What the bloc has done is divide the leftest vote coming out of Quebec enabling the Conservatives to form a federal government. If there is anything positive to say about the bloc that's it. Maybe that's why Harper is making no attempt to shut the bloc down as the treasonous party they are because it would hurt his party. Would you agree?

Warren Zoell said...

As for the coalition of 2008 It wasn't signed by duceppee and it wasn't signed by Iggy either. So I don't know what the legal ramifications would be as it relates to this election.

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