Monday, April 11, 2011

Big Government covers iffy latest confabulations about his past

iffy seems very unclear on his own past. His latest gaffe at Big Government! They wonder if iffy broke US election law or is he just lying.

If that is true, then voting in the U.S. was illegal. And a professor at the Kennedy School of Government would have known that.

A conviction for illegal voting in Massachusetts carries a penalty of up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. For each time that he voted.

But proving if he did or did not vote may be an impossibility . The only conclusive proof would be the hard copy poll books that are used to check in voters on election day – if he signed in, he voted. But, the Cambridge Election Commission says that they no longer have the hard copy material from 2004. And while their electronic database includes voter history, they admit that a voter who has been purged from the rolls may not show up anywhere in the file. Assuming Ignatieff didn’t vote in Cambridge after being elected to Parliament in 2006, he would have been purged.

So all we have is Ignatieff’s word that he voted in a U.S. election. And he may or may not be a citizen.

update more on iffy's questionable voting record.


Anonymous said...

Wow, will our media even mention this?

wilson said...

If you google 'Ignatieff vote UK' you will see pages and pages of links of newspapers from coast to coast to coast that picked up the article!!!

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