Friday, April 22, 2011

22 point lead over sinking grits

 Ipsos Reid's latest poll has the grits in free fall with even the dippers ahaead of the grits. It gives the Tories a 22 point lead.  Thinks in Quebec look bleak for the grits. There is only a week to go nd iffy is well on his way to returning to Harvard. I am still not sure why the grits tried this desperate gambit.


L said...

It is not the first time that uebec has moved en mass for significant change. They have a LOT (too many) of votes, so .... I am sort of happy to see the BLOC disappear somewhat, but the Quebec hand is still in my pocket with an NDP vote. Can't they grow up and make their own living?

burpnrun said...

Plan A of the coalition was for one of them to achieve a minority. Hopefully liberal. That's dead.

Plan B was to hijack Canada's voting choice and, as a coalition, throw out Harper and sink back into their Liberal entitlements. That's almost dead, I hope, although we are still scurrying around looking for the elusive silver stake to complete the job.

Plan C was to transfer the heavy hauling to Jack. That's underway now. Gush, Gush. I hope they don't have a Plan D (Duceppe). BTW, Jack will sink after his interview/questioning on Sat at Quebec's favourite TV show, viewership ~ 2 million. He won't get puff-ball questions (Bloc will see to that), and his contortions due to different Eng/Fr Canada positions on issues should be highly entertaining. Jack has reached his nadir, and will settle back to a little above his norm, quickly.

I believe that the Liberals and NDP (and others) started plotting, a very long time ago, the overthrow of voters choices by hijacking democracy (ironically, in the "name of democracy"). Of course, the only way this will work is with the cooperation of the infamous traitor, Duceppe.

"Anatomy of the Coup". It's a short read, backgrounder, and not dull at all. The only one on the net:

wilson said...

Dear Liberals,
this Jackomania happening right now illustrates:
"be carefull what you wish for"

I wonder how gung-ho Lib supporters are to playing second fiddle to PM Jack in the coalition of losers? Dippers in cabinet, while Libs remain backbenchers BUT without Official Opposition status.

Their intense hate for Harper and power at any price politics, could leave them in the #3 or 4 position.

wilson said...

That poll overstates CPC support imo.
I think we are still around 38%,
hopefully the NDP surge will help that 38% become a majority

Thucydides said...

I think the timing of the election has a lot more to do with internal Liberal Party politics than anything else. Congratulations, we just paid $300 million to hold a Liberal leadership convention!

Of course, there is a good possibility that the LPC will tear itself apart in internal infighting. Will Bob Rae get the crown, or will it *have* to go to a Quebecer? Will there be enough desperate people willing to throw everything behind the Young Dauphin (despite his demonstrated unfitness to lead)?

Let's support Jack in his next project instead: uniting the Left! The decade or so it will take for the Socialist Alliance Party to emerge as a workable party will provide sufficient time to undo the mess of Trudeaupia, and set a long term path for generations of Canadians to come.

I Support Lord Black