Wednesday, April 13, 2011

21 point Tory lead?

This may very well be an outlier, but it shows Tory strength virtually acrooss the country. This should make the grits apoplectic. If this poll is true the iffy grits will be the Toronto party and there will be a leadership race. I suspect the grit leadership race has already begun.


Blame Crash said...

"Leadership Race" !??!

There is no such thing with those Liberal creeps.

The correct term would be "Appointment Process"

Anonymous said...

If this poll is even partially accurate, Iggy will be packing his carpet bag.

Anonymous said...

“I suspect the grit leadership race has already begun.”

In fact that’s what this election is about, a taxpayer funded Liberal leadership convention warm-up.


Anonymous said...

I don't see that graphic on the canoe page?

Anonymous said...

What these polls prove is that only one poll counts, May 2

I Support Lord Black