Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Where in the world are the grit mps? Not in parliament

The grits whine how important parliament is, yet their leader spends all his time either on holiday or on buses trying to find grit donations or grit voters, an increasingly difficult task. Iffy has been away twice as often as HM Pm Stephen Harper. HM Pm has actual duties overseas and elsewhere yet he was present i Parliament almost twice as often as the Leader of Her majesty's loyal opposition. Ruby Dhalla, Gerard Kennedy and Jim Karagyianis seem to believe that Parliament is too much trouble to attend. Another reason , and there are already so many, not to vote grit.

Liberal MPs lead in absences in the House

Date: Monday Mar. 7, 2011 10:11 PM ET

The House of Commons resumed sitting Monday, but the only way the public has of knowing if their elected representative is on the job is by watching for a glimpse of them sitting behind their parliamentary desks.

Although senators' attendance records in the upper chamber are made public, the attendance records of Members of Parliament are kept strictly confidential.

But according to the website HowdTheyVote.ca, 29 MPs missed more than 50 days of the current session of Parliament, all but nine of them Liberals.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff was absent 135 times, the top absentee MP according to the non-partisan website, while Bloc Quebecois member Francine Lalonde missed 113 days and Liberal backbencher Keith Martin 102.

"For the leaders it's very understandable," CTV Ottawa bureau chief Robert Fife told News Channel. "The leaders have other duties than just showing up in the House for votes.

"I don't think we should certainly fault the leaders for not being there very often."

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was 11th on the list, having been absent 74 times.

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Anonymous said...

It was mentioned in the HOC Questions Period, that Liberal Justin Trudeau, was doing a speech in his riding, instead of attending QP and meetings. It was asked of him if it was a fundraising speech.No answer....entitled to their entitlements.
I Ruby is usually over in India with her Mom...does she have constituents over there or another movie?

I Support Lord Black