Wednesday, March 23, 2011

trudeau was a disaster for Canada

David Frum reminds everyone why this is indeed the case. I despise trudeau and almost every thing he ever did or said. He has left Canada far worse off than he found it. he hated the United States and all things English. trudeau's legacy is debt and a strong separatist movement in Quebec. trudeau strongly embraced communist leaders like castro.

Pierre Trudeau inherited a strong, growing and diversified Canadian economy.

When Trudeau at last left office for good in 1984, Canadians were still feeling the effects of Canada’s worst recession since the Great Depression. Eight years later, the country would tumble into another and even worse recession.

The two recessions 1981-82 and 1992-93 can both fairly be laid at Trudeau’s door.

Pierre Trudeau took office at a moment when commodity prices were rising worldwide. Then as now, rising commodity prices buoyed the Canadian economy. Good policymakers recognize that commodity prices fall as well as rise. A wise government does not make permanent commitments based on temporary revenues. Yet between 1969 and 1979 – through two majority governments and one minority – Trudeau tripled federal spending.


Alain said...

I agree, but the worst damage he inflicted on Canada was what he did to the BNA Act and creating his charter thereby intrenching multiculturalism, bilingualism and allowing non elected judges to legislate instead of Parliament. He succeeded in making it virtually impossible to restore what he destroyed.

L said...

Absolutely, Alain.

Shawn Abigail said...

I remember watching an interview with Trudeau where he was asked about the debt. He passed it off saying they cared more about people than numbers. That's right, giving our children an unbearable national debt is a mere matter of numbers, not something significant in his eyes.

Sean M said...

Trudeau was an unmitigated disaster for Canada. Trudeau was a total fraud, a warped individual who hated Canada and all things English. Trudeaus legacy is one of destruction, distortion, and denial. Truly a sick deranged man. I am not a hateful person, but I absolutely despise Trudeau, such a vile, horrid creature.

been around the block said...

Shawn Abigail: "That's right, giving our children an unbearable national debt is a mere matter of numbers, not something significant in his eyes."

That's because Trudeau was a Mount Royal socialist: lots of money in the bank for himself and his children, so no hay problema, throwing our hard-earned cash to us plebs to impress us with his leftard social engineering experiments. No national debt would impact his children and grandchildren, so what the Hell? 'Never mind that he did his best to destroy the nuclear family (via abortion, the radical feminist agenda, national daycare plan, with Chretien and Martin finishing the job, bringing in gay "marriage" (sic)) and to get rid of all things British.

Scumbag through and through.

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