Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tory Truth Ads

jeffey simspon thinks its terrible that the Tories can pay for truth ads and the grits no longer have the money to put out ads ( except on youtube). Given the extreme bias of the Canadian media against the Tories and the grit publicity department also know as the cbc, it is a good thing that Conservative supporters give money to even the score. I expect to see quite a few Tory truth ads in the next few weeks leading up to the budget.

Liberals, lest they get too precious about attack ads, have also used them. The Trudeau Liberals went after Progressive Conservative leaders Robert Stanfield and Joe Clark. The Martin Liberals ripped Stephen Harper in the 2004 election for his “hidden agenda.” “Going negative” has been part of the Liberals’ arsenal since the age of television began dominating political communications.

The Harper party has taken the Liberal practices two steps further. They’ve launched extremely personal attacks against Liberal leaders between elections, courtesy of the fundraising machine that the Harper party has built. And they’ve used more of these sorts of negative ads than Canadians have seen before.

It is time to donate to the party, let's give the party the money it needs to continue hammering at the truth inspite if a grit biased media..


Anonymous said...

The top ad is the best imo.

Alberta Bob

Jerry Prager said...

80% of Canadian media is owned by 3 conservative families: the bias isn't towards liberals, certainly not towards liberal democracy, the bias is towards corporatism, the ideology of Bennett, and Meighen who were big supporters of Mussolini, Harris and Harper and co are neo-corporatists. You people have no interest in democracy, transparency or accountability, so clearly you have no interest in facts, let alone truth.

Alberta Girl said...

Jerry - are you really that biased that you can't SEE the abject left wing partisanship displayed by our media.

Your post made me laugh.

Bring on Sun TV and let's get some balance because people like Jerry don't even realize they are being hoodwinked.


maryT said...

If the bias in the media is the result of conservative ownership of said media what a crapper.
The conservatives have really been running their truth ads during all the curling on TSN. Next up is the worlds, so we will see them again.
Jerry, are you that dense, or easily led to think the media is not biased against conservatives.
I think cbc is afraid of SunTv, and the fact they will loose a lot more viewers and advertisers.

Anonymous said...

Jerry says:
You people have no interest in democracy, transparency or accountability, so clearly you have no interest in facts, let alone truth.

Is that you Carolyn Bennett(bodybags) or is it Joe Volpe(taking donations for election campaign from dead people and kids) or is it Judy Sgro(charging taxpayers for a condo that she rents to her kids...employing immigrant strippers to work on her campaign..hiring an immigrant to deliver free pizza to her campaign so he wouldn't get deported...oops she did deport him so he couldn't testify against her)or is it Mark Holland or Marleen Jennings(stole CPC documents , rifled through them looking for dirt to take to the media) or Hedy Fry(crosses are burning in BC as we speak)or Pablo(charged with drunk driving and still sitiing in HOC..he couldn't blow)
Thats not even the BIG items, like all thos foundations..17 that the aditor general wasn't allowed to Audit in the Liberal days and 9 BILLION DOLLARS went down the Liberal stink hole.
Democracy? Yeah..lets hear more about it...where's our $40,000,000 from the money handed out to steal the election in Quebec to Liberals in brown envelops at Chez Franks?
Go crawl under a rock. PM Harper is decent, and honest and will grind the Coalition into oblivia after the Coalition take us to a $300,000,000 election to get rid of their useless Russian/American leader.

Sean M said...

"Liberals" crying about "attack ads" is almost as funny as Jerry's deranged, indoctrinated response. The Libs have the CBC, CTV, Mop@Plop, Toronto Red Star, etc. etc. running co-ordinated attacks against the Conservatives 24 hrs a day. Liberal agents in the media like Simpson are hapless, lying douche bags that are only fooling themselves and the terminally stupid, like Jerry.

been around the block said...

Hey, Jerry, tell us about Power Corporation, the Desmarais Family, and their intimate connections to Chretien, Martin, Rae, Maurice Strong, and the late Mr. Trudeau.

Would this long-term association have anything to do with "no interest in democracy, transparency, and accountability"? Would the Liberal$' co-conspirators in the media, who have no interest in fairness in reporting and are partisan hacks and shills for the Disloyal Opposition, suggest a disinterest in democracy, transparency, and accountability?

And, then, there's AdScam, brown paper bags full of cash in Italian restaurants, and Justice Gomery's comment about "a culture of corruption" in the LPC. Any connection with these facts and a deficit of democracy, transparency, and accountability on the Left?

'Just asking.

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