Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Tories have 16% lead in latest poll

Inspite of the braying of the opposition over more 'scandals" Tory popularity continues to soar. It's the economy people. The grits have no real policies except tax raising and spending more money on more social programs. I don't think ther will be an election, but an lection is something I might welcome these days. grit minion frank graves' company doesn't seem very reliable does he?

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have opened up a wide lead against their political rivals in public favour and would be close to winning a majority if an election occurred now, a new poll has found.

The national survey, conducted exclusively for Postmedia News and Global National, found that the Tories are now supported by 43% of decided voters — up by four points from early February.

That finding by pollster Ipsos Reid is significant, as the level of support is near the threshold that experts believe the Tories need to win their long-coveted majority.

The Conservatives haven’t been this popular since they enjoyed a brief spike in the polls in December 2008 when Canadians were opposed to the opposition parties’ efforts to create a coalition government.

The new survey shows the Tories have a 16-point lead over the Liberals, led by Michael Ignatieff. The Grits, who have been trying to stoke voter anger over the government’s performance, have the support of 27% of voters, up by two points.


Zorpheous said...

which means spending without constant on negative ads works.

Anonymous said...

Also don't forget that the Liberal's constant attacks and not finding anything of substance means that this government passes the 'smell test.' (real conservative)

The_Iceman said...

It will be curious to see the next set of EKOS numbers, as it appears their last one was an outlier. That didn't stop the media from using the poll to discuss "the Oda Effect", which now we see does not exist.

What day did the Liberals put in the order for those "NOT" T-Shirts?

Zorpheous said...

Maybe it's time to dusty off decayed, mummified carcass of AdScan and pull it around a bit to help drown out the In-and-Out scandal, eh?

L said...

In-and-out is all about the use of privately donated funds, not tax-payer government funds, so it is simply a disagreement over interpreting "Chretien's legislation" (brought in to tick off Paul Martin).

No scandal here - nothing like taxpayer-funded ad scam.

maryT said...

I think the Oda affair is having an effect, just not the effect iggy and gang expected. I to want to know when the order went to a foreign country for those t-shirts. Why didn't they support the cdn economy and cdn jobs for them.
And even Layton had to cheat on his ad, those pics of seniors are stock photos of seniors from Denmark. And his concerned citizen re the HST sure does get around, same guy in both the ads for BC and ONT.
When will they learn, they can't put anything over on us anymore, they will be outed in minutes.

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