Saturday, March 05, 2011

Tories and the ethnic vote

 I am an immigrant to Canada. I arrived here with my mom in 1963 at the age of 2. My Dad had won a scholarship to do his PhD at Montreal's McGill University. My parents are devout Christians and generally very socially conservative, yet they voted grit because they thought the grits were more friendly towards immigrants. We are all fiercely Canadian. We are grateful for all this great land has given us. Also the grits bribed us with our own money. I have been a member of conservative parties since the age of 16. I am relatively socially conservative. I don't have issues with gay marriage ( interestingly neith do my parents), I believe in families, I try to follow Jesus of Nazareth, though I often fail, I believe life begins at conception. I think most immigrants are like my family. They are essentially Tories and have been led astray by the grits. I am glad the Tories are reaching out to thes new Canadians, as they should. The grits are mad that people they have condescended to and taken for granted are waking up.

The Conservatives have adopted a very different, and more laudable, strategy in courting the immigrant vote — one that is apparent in the substance of the leaked memo from Mr. Kenney’s office. Canada’s liberal journalists may be aghast at the prospect of Ottawa soliciting immigrant support on the basis of “social conservatism” — but the fact is that many new Canadians are more religious and family-oriented than the rest of us. And the Conservatives owe no apologies for appealing to them on this basis. Certainly, it is preferable for our government to tap into immigrants’ shared sense of traditional Canadian values than to treat them through the lens of victimhood and identity politics.

Yet many Canadian bien pensants can’t seem to rid themselves of the old, patronizing attitude.

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