Sunday, March 06, 2011

Time to donate to the Tory Fundraising Juggernaut

 Let's all tell marc mayrand and the biased elections Canada staffstaff what we think of them. The grit minions at elections Canada will probably just write off the grit leadership debt. the grit minions at elections Canada need to clear the way for the upcoming grit leadership campaign. We need a majority so that elections Canada can be reforned and cut down to size. They now have a bloated budget of $130 million. It's time to cut that by at least 70%. We should demand an audit of elections Canada spending. Why have they hired a press officer?
 So let's all donate as much as we can to the Tory Cause.


James Cooper said...

Yeah, Elections Canada is overdue for a taste of Conservative steel. Place is crawling with Liberals, thieves, pedophiles and worse. I'm only surprised that they didn't fake the 2006 and 2008 results to give the Liberals majorities. Elections Canada should be shut down now, and auditors sent in under RCMP or even JTF/2 escort to find out how they are using tax money to fund the Liberals. Better yet, let them be charged under terrorism legislation - they are basically doing the same thing as Al Qaeda would want to do - and ship them to Gitmo. Why do we even need a central elections commission anyway? It's a European affectation. The US doesn't have one and they manage to run the best elections in the world. If we can't shut it all down immediately, at least cripple them with a massive budget cut.

Anonymous said...

They are hooked up with Liberal CBC, it seems.They haven't had an audit on EC since when Liberals were the Govt. Now CBC is another one above it all. Access to information at CBC is being fought in the courts by CBC. I'd LOVE to see what both of these taxpayer funded groups are hiding.
As far as money at Elections Canada, Marc Maynard said NO REFUND MONEY has been given to the Conservatives, pending the yet to come, FINAL decision of the courts.CPC won 1 case and EC won the second.EC is holding up the rebates since 2006. $800,000. Who made EC God?(AUDIT PLEASE)) Pretty sad to see the panic stricken Liberal parasites in action. The trust is gone with these people.

Anonymous said...

Like I said before, just kinda tossed out a soft grenade... have past elections been fixed for Liberals to win? Ya gotta wonder?? (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

EC didn't investigate these two Liberals on the In & Out...proof

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